Grue Floor Lamp

Designed by Lambert and Fils

The designer Lambert and Fils brings us a beautiful line of minimalist lighting.  We specifically like the Grue Floor lamp design.  The innovative design is perfect for a buyer who is looking for a modern, simple, understated designs.  We think with the right light bulb this piece could perfectly bring a calming ambience to any living space.  It comes in two finishes, matte black or white, and can be found here for $960. 

Bright Sprout Lamp

Designed by Nordic Tales

Scandinavian design brings us some of the most beautiful pieces of modern furniture and the Bright Sprout light fixture is one of our favorites.  The Bright Sprout is a fresh replacement for a more traditional lamp.  It is especially useful in smaller rooms because of its ability to hang above a side table or in the corner of a room.  It comes in several different finishes of oak including soaped, oiled, and smoked.  The cord can also be a variety of colors to fit your specific design needs.  You can find them here for 125 dollars (87 pounds). 

Incunabular Side Table

Designed by Invisible City

Often the simplicity of a design will make its profile and design less noticeable, but we think that this piece wonderfully combines both simplicity and that eye-catching appeal.  Another thing that we like about the side table is its versatility.  The table fits right in almost any living space and is perfect bedside table.  The table comes in either European oak, solid American black walnut, or painted tulip wood.  You can find it here and can communicate with designer about the color that fits your home the best. 

Kotlic Lamp

Although the lamp is rarely considered the centerpiece of a room the lighting is what brings the room to life.  We think these unique Serbian pieces are the perfect mix of simplicity and a modern elegance.  Although the lack of a lampshade may deter some, the right lightbulb will put a soft glow throughout the entire living space.  The unique take on something so commonplace will certainly add to any living space.  It comes in several different finishes and can be found here.


Designed by Sakura Adachi

Often during the holidays we begin to notice just how limited the seating is in the living room.  The solution is not to stuff a third couch next to the TV, but we think these wonderful yet rustic stools are just perfect.  The sanding on these stackable stools is a great balance between comfort and keeping the features of the tree they came from.  The design is both aesthetic and practical with the three-pronged stacking. The light colored pine gives these stools a bright and natural look that continue to remind me of old nordic pieces. You can find them here where you can request quote. 

Weave Pendant Lights

Designed by Edward Linacre

'Weave Pendant Lamps' are a series of lamps born through the amalgamation of traditional craft processes and modern CAD development techniques. Bamboo was used for this Basket weaving technique. Basket weaving was fused with computer surface-modelling to create a complex self supporting 3D woven structure that requires no glue or adhesive to hold its form. You can find the Weave Pendant Lights and purchasing info here .

Transforming Coffee Table

Designed by Duffy London

There is a special beauty when a masterful design is incredibly simplistic.  The transforming coffee table caught our eye because of both the beautiful design and its originality.  Its versatility as both a good sized table and a coffee table make it perfect for an active household.  It brings an elegant aura to a room in both its forms.  Duffy London offers several finishes including walnut, beech, and oak.  The table also comes in two different sizes.  You can order the table here for 695 pounds ($1064.95).

LJ Chairs

Designed by De Vorm

Price, style, practicality, these are all things that we consider when we look for furniture.  As we become more and more aware of the effects our purchases have on the environment we will need to consider another factor; sustainability.  The LJ series of chairs and stools are made from recycled PET bottles.  The modern, clean look is eye catching and the story behind them certainly spices up a conversation.  The body of the chairs come in two shades of grey and the legs come in just about any color you can imagine.  You can find them here and speak with their associate about the price.

Oh Side Table

Designed by Naoko Shintani.

Since the bedroom is one of the more private spaces in our home, the nightstand is often an overlooked design. We think this piece might make you change your mind.  Plyroom's unique take on a familiar piece can add a wonderful calming aura to a bedroom’s atmosphere.  This piece is also incredibly practical containing spacious storage compartments and a design that makes it light and easy to move.  You can easily find this piece on Plyroom’s website here for the price of 525 dollars.

Plank Coffee Table

Designed by ION Design

The coffee table is the centerpiece of any living room or game room.  The simplicity and unique design of this particular table caught our eye.  It draws the viewers attention while keeping a simplistic profile that makes a comfortable atmosphere.  The three-plank design is a wonderful mixture of style and stability.  ION design's company wide focus on personalization and customer needs are clear in the design of this piece.  You can find this table here for worthwhile price of $1,099.