Designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958

Poul Henningsen is a houshold name in the Scandinavian and danish region of the world. It is commonly said that a PH5 pendant hangs in every danish home. This iconic design is so special to me. It is such an early design (1958) and has been an amazing looking light since. It does not age, it does not go out of style. Paul Henningsen is long gone but his designs still have a huge impact on this world we live in. It is hard to scroll through a pinterest feed or design blog without spotting one of these lights. There are three shades and a cone mounted on three braces that all together diffuse the light to where it is needed. This light is meant to hang low over your dining table and provides even light throughout a room but focused more intense light on while you eat. The PH5 retails at about $850.