Jordan Grace Owens

Jordan Grace Owens is an illustrator, artist, and maker out of Durham, NC. If you ever pop into shops around Greensboro, Raleigh, Chapel Hill or even Charlotte, then you are sure to have seen her work around. Her iconic look is recognizable and beautiful. The simple images of people and over simplified emotions creates something that is so fun to hang in your home. It is no surprise that she is often commissioned to do the artistry for show posters, wedding portraits, or depictions of family. Ms. Owens has done a great job of diversifying her product as well. She offers fun pins, ink or graphic prints as well as cut outs complete with joins for your arms and legs. We love what Jordan Grace Owens has done for the creative business industry in Durham and the triangle and we hope she has many successful years to come. You can find her very reasonably priced work here.