Designed by Nendo.

Splinter is a line of furniture by design firm Nendo for Conde House featuring "peeled" wood features. This chair is our favorite piece in the Splinter line. The arm rest and back rest simply split to become the bottom frame and legs of the chair. This idea isn't necessarily new or crazy, but the execution of this design is what we are so amazed by. The grain is perfectly displayed in a soap washed oak finish. We haven't actually sat on one so we have no idea how sturdy it actually is. But, knowing how strong fine Japanese furniture can be, we would have no hesitation in taking a seat. These are only available in Japan, such a shame.

Cherner Arm Chair

Designed by Norman Churner in 1958.

These fantastically designed arm chairs invite you to sit down and get a hug from the solid beech bent wood arms. The simple and common bent plywood chair and legs are made beautiful and novel with a single piece of solid beech bent into shape with steam. These chairs are still made from the original specifications from Cherner's original drawings. These can be found at Hive Modern for around $1030.


Designed by Hans J Wegner

Wegner was a leading force in the furniture design of the 20th century. He definitely hit the mark when he designed this chair. The steam bent backrest is perched with a dainty touch on top of a slim metal base. The oval seat and curved tips of the backrest create an inviting feeling as you sit back in this wonderful chair that works well as a dining chair or even an accent chair. They are stackable and usable in almost any situation. These chairs retail at about $500 which is very reasonable for such an iconic design.

STUA Globus

The Globus Chair designed by Jesus Gasca in 1994

STUA is the world of Jesus Gasca's designs. He has created a fantastic company that focuses on the manufacturing process so their final product has a perfect finish. Gasca's goal is to creat pieces that are simple, timeless, and recognizable. We think the Globus chair encompasses all he has set out to do. This chair is truly unique and recognizable. The Globus chair is available at DWR and retails for $340.00 which is a steal!