Designed by Eddi Törnberg.

Some people believe that modern design overlooks the practical needs of the owner.  The reality is that furniture isn’t just to look at, but to meet the needs of the user.  We think this design beautifully combines the beauty of the Swedish style, the practicality of our modern needs, and the necessity of sustainability.  This stylish desk is not only a convenient workspace, but actually collects power from its surroundings to power your devices.  Unfortunately Eddi's design was a thesis project so we can’t all have one just yet!


Designed by Nendo.

Splinter is a line of furniture by design firm Nendo for Conde House featuring "peeled" wood features. This chair is our favorite piece in the Splinter line. The arm rest and back rest simply split to become the bottom frame and legs of the chair. This idea isn't necessarily new or crazy, but the execution of this design is what we are so amazed by. The grain is perfectly displayed in a soap washed oak finish. We haven't actually sat on one so we have no idea how sturdy it actually is. But, knowing how strong fine Japanese furniture can be, we would have no hesitation in taking a seat. These are only available in Japan, such a shame.


Designed by Studio Cheha.

Here is a little change of pace. This is our first kickstarter product we have featured on our blog and we love it! Studio Cheha has done an amazing job of taking a great new idea and keeping the design as simple as possible. These lamps have such great, clean, minimalistic lines. These lamps aim to alter the consumer's perception of space by using 3D shapes in a 2D model. These lights have all the functions of your other home lamps; dim-able, functional light area, as well as the longevity and eco-friendly nature of LED bulbs all contribute to a design that makes the BULBING a classic and best selling lamp. Right now, the designs you see above are only available if you support Studio Cheha through Kickstarter.  

Worley's Lighting

Designed by Shelli.

Here at Enkle, we love putting small businesses like ours in the spotlight. Recently we came across Worley's lighting and we not only love their beautiful handmade lamps but we also love how they value handmade crafts and work as a family - just like Enkle. They work with clean lines and high quality woods and it shows in their products. Shelli and her family work out of their workshop in Rockhill, South Carolina. Although their office is charming and we would love to visit one day, you can easily buy their lamps directly on their online store here

Take a look! 

P-11 Chair

Designed by Maxim Scherbakov.

This is amazing. Honestly, nothing inspires me more than young designers bringing new ideas to the design world and making a mark with beautiful pieces. Maxim is doing just that. With the P-11 chair he has taken quite complex geometrical shapes and made the manufacturing process simple. A steel frame create the bones of a wonderfully shaped chair and the plywood cut by CNC gets glued through the frame to create the support needed for the chair to be comfortable. The color choice is simple and modern, very fitting for today's style and I can see this project of his being a big hit in the future. To check out more projects by Maxim, including architectural and interior designs, visit his portfolio here.


Designed by IntoConcrete.

Chicago based design studio IntoConcrete has made a fantastic line of products from what most people would consider a surprising material. Concrete is not a material you can shape after it is in its final form such as wood or plastic. It is a material that must come out of the form near perfection. This makes producing it quite difficult, and of coarse, the weight of concrete creates its own limitations. These lights are so impressive to us because they deny their weight as a factor of design. The beautiful smooth natural concrete finish draws your attention to the material. What a wonderful example of great lighting design. These lights are reasonably expensive for most middle class homes, but we think $500 is well worth it.

Elie Vacation Home

Designed by WT Architecture.

This Scottish beach house provides peaceful rest for visitors to the harbor town of Elie. This vacation home is designed to be durable and simple. This is shown through the use of vertical Siberian larch panels that accentuate the floor to clipping windows facing the limestone terraced backyard. We think this beautiful space is a must stay in our lifetime.

Kobeiagi Kilims

Architect Ivana Blaž and designer/illustrator Nina Mršnik founded Kobeiagi Kilims in the Balkans after studying around the world. Their beautiful works are all based on the traditional hand woven technique that yields what is called a Kilim. Kilims are traditionally used for anything from a rug to a blanket to a saddle. The kilims made by Kobeiagi Kilims are sourced, woven and sold all within a 20km radius, making it a real locally made product for the inhabitants of Visoko, Bosnia. For the amount of work that goes into these kilims, their prices are reasonable. These would feel so organic and beautiful in any home.

Cherner Arm Chair

Designed by Norman Churner in 1958.

These fantastically designed arm chairs invite you to sit down and get a hug from the solid beech bent wood arms. The simple and common bent plywood chair and legs are made beautiful and novel with a single piece of solid beech bent into shape with steam. These chairs are still made from the original specifications from Cherner's original drawings. These can be found at Hive Modern for around $1030.

Safari Chair

Designed by Kaare Klint in 1933

This is one of the worlds first "build it yourself" seating solutions. This chair, designed by the great Kaare Klint, can be assembled by one person with absolutely no tools. Kara Klint focused on using the best materials and finding a new way for furniture to be functional. The Safari Chair can be purchased via DWR and range from $1200 to $2500 depending on the finish and materials chosen.