Designed by Eddi Törnberg.

Some people believe that modern design overlooks the practical needs of the owner.  The reality is that furniture isn’t just to look at, but to meet the needs of the user.  We think this design beautifully combines the beauty of the Swedish style, the practicality of our modern needs, and the necessity of sustainability.  This stylish desk is not only a convenient workspace, but actually collects power from its surroundings to power your devices.  Unfortunately Eddi's design was a thesis project so we can’t all have one just yet!


Designed by Nendo.

Splinter is a line of furniture by design firm Nendo for Conde House featuring "peeled" wood features. This chair is our favorite piece in the Splinter line. The arm rest and back rest simply split to become the bottom frame and legs of the chair. This idea isn't necessarily new or crazy, but the execution of this design is what we are so amazed by. The grain is perfectly displayed in a soap washed oak finish. We haven't actually sat on one so we have no idea how sturdy it actually is. But, knowing how strong fine Japanese furniture can be, we would have no hesitation in taking a seat. These are only available in Japan, such a shame.

P-11 Chair

Designed by Maxim Scherbakov.

This is amazing. Honestly, nothing inspires me more than young designers bringing new ideas to the design world and making a mark with beautiful pieces. Maxim is doing just that. With the P-11 chair he has taken quite complex geometrical shapes and made the manufacturing process simple. A steel frame create the bones of a wonderfully shaped chair and the plywood cut by CNC gets glued through the frame to create the support needed for the chair to be comfortable. The color choice is simple and modern, very fitting for today's style and I can see this project of his being a big hit in the future. To check out more projects by Maxim, including architectural and interior designs, visit his portfolio here.

Imo Bench

Designed by Pinch

Pinch is a husband and wife team based out of Clapham, London. They might not intend to, but we think they represent everything that Scandinavian design does. Their simple lines give way to the small craftsman details that keep each piece strong and durable. They make furniture that lasts and will look good for decades to come. Simple, strong, beautiful. These chairs retail between £835-£1114 depending on the legs you choose (walnut or oak) and whether you want a cushion or not. Check out the rest of their work and their website. Everything is thoughtfully designed and wonderfully made.