Designed by Studio Cheha.

Here is a little change of pace. This is our first kickstarter product we have featured on our blog and we love it! Studio Cheha has done an amazing job of taking a great new idea and keeping the design as simple as possible. These lamps have such great, clean, minimalistic lines. These lamps aim to alter the consumer's perception of space by using 3D shapes in a 2D model. These lights have all the functions of your other home lamps; dim-able, functional light area, as well as the longevity and eco-friendly nature of LED bulbs all contribute to a design that makes the BULBING a classic and best selling lamp. Right now, the designs you see above are only available if you support Studio Cheha through Kickstarter.  

Worley's Lighting

Designed by Shelli.

Here at Enkle, we love putting small businesses like ours in the spotlight. Recently we came across Worley's lighting and we not only love their beautiful handmade lamps but we also love how they value handmade crafts and work as a family - just like Enkle. They work with clean lines and high quality woods and it shows in their products. Shelli and her family work out of their workshop in Rockhill, South Carolina. Although their office is charming and we would love to visit one day, you can easily buy their lamps directly on their online store here

Take a look! 


Designed by IntoConcrete.

Chicago based design studio IntoConcrete has made a fantastic line of products from what most people would consider a surprising material. Concrete is not a material you can shape after it is in its final form such as wood or plastic. It is a material that must come out of the form near perfection. This makes producing it quite difficult, and of coarse, the weight of concrete creates its own limitations. These lights are so impressive to us because they deny their weight as a factor of design. The beautiful smooth natural concrete finish draws your attention to the material. What a wonderful example of great lighting design. These lights are reasonably expensive for most middle class homes, but we think $500 is well worth it.

Soren Light

Designed by Pinch

We told you we had more Pinch for you! These Soren really reflect Pinch's simple nature. Great shape and perfect use of soft, natural, earthly materials. This light makes you think it was delicately made by hand on the side of a mountain for a Norwegian home nestled in the hills. Maybe thats a bit much, but we do love this light and think it would go well almost anywhere. These retail at £665 each (not cheap, we know) but if your budget fits, this is definitely a good option.