Jordan Grace Owens

Jordan Grace Owens is an illustrator, artist, and maker out of Durham, NC. If you ever pop into shops around Greensboro, Raleigh, Chapel Hill or even Charlotte, then you are sure to have seen her work around. Her iconic look is recognizable and beautiful. The simple images of people and over simplified emotions creates something that is so fun to hang in your home. It is no surprise that she is often commissioned to do the artistry for show posters, wedding portraits, or depictions of family. Ms. Owens has done a great job of diversifying her product as well. She offers fun pins, ink or graphic prints as well as cut outs complete with joins for your arms and legs. We love what Jordan Grace Owens has done for the creative business industry in Durham and the triangle and we hope she has many successful years to come. You can find her very reasonably priced work here.

Dining Chair No.1

Designed by Reed Hansuld.

These chairs show amazing craftsmanship and have the price to match. Handmade by Canadian designer Reed Hansuld, this sleek chair is available in a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods. Although this piece isn't modern or Scandinavian, we have to admire the workmanship and effort put into every piece by this wonderful craftsman. Dining chair no.1 is available for commission via Etsy for $2000.

Written by: Whanessa Coates (our new intern)

Double Bay

Designed by Hannah Tribe

We have been on a bit of an architecture kick lately. We are really admiring the work of Hannah Tribe out of Sydney Australia. Hannah studied architecture at Sydney University and Cornell and graduated with many awards. Now she designs the most beautiful residential and urban spaces. This home sits on a leafy street in Sydney's Double Bay. The outside of the house gives very little away about the inside. With a massive rectangular front and dark features the front is very enticing and begs to show you more. Hannah did a fantastic job on the interior. With many muted tones and light wood features, this home looks relaxing and fun. Anyone in Sydney looking for an architect? This is your girl. 


Designed by Carlo Contin for Adentro.

The NINNA Stool is made from solid ash and 100% wool and comes in an assortment of colors and finishes. We think this little stool makes a nice small feature in an apartment or spacious home. The tapered tops of the legs give the NINNA line a unique silhouette that makes the legs look like bottles holding up the seat. The yellow wool seat and natural ash finish is our favorite combo.


Designed by Jesús Gasca in 2011

Satellite is a collection of acoustic absorbent panels designed by Jesús Gasca for STUA. The simple elliptical shape is organic and unsymmetrical which allows designers to be very creative with the arrangement of the Satellite panels. The panels are made of a wood frame and sound absorbing foam that deadens the sound of a room which can help with light sleepers or reduce conversation level in a household. Acoustic paneling can create a very calming sensation for some while it can create an unnerving feeling in others. The panels are all the same shape but some in four  different sizes and four different colors. We are not sure how much the STUA Satellite acoustic panels cost as you can only get a price upon inquiry, but we are sure they are not cheap compared to regular acoustic panels which can be quite expensive already. 


Designed by Awanay

These beautiful rugs take an astonishing 2 months to be hand woven out of pure, handspan sheep wool. The artisans use ancient techniques used by the rural communities in the dry forrest of Argentina. These rugs can be ordered in any size from Awanay and can be expected after the 60 days of work that goes into each individual piece. Take a look at Awanay to see more of their wonderful rugs.


Designed by Tolerie Forezienne in 2007

Doesn't that look inviting? I have never sat in this chair but I can only imagine that for a stacking chair it must be comfortable. The Icila chair is made of one piece of sheet metal, bent and cut to create a chair mad from metal but without welds. Minimal, sustainable, and beautiful. This design magnifies the raw material of sheet metal and comes in a multitude of colors. Perfect for an outdoor patio either at home or a lovely cafe, the Icila retails at around a whopping €1800 to €2000.


Designed by Francesco Faccin

The Traverso Table is actually made of two table tops made of either glass or wood. The joinery of this table is awesome. Very innovative construction and looks like the table would fall part like a bunch of sticks if you pulled one pin. Faccin's design ideology is that the principal structural and mechanical elements are necessities.


Plof is Plof. There are no parts and pieces to this design, it is a singularity. No legs or base, Plof is Plof. This light stands as a creature in the corner of the room helping you read your books or sketch your next big design. Plof is also extremely efficient. It uses a cold cathode light that uses very little energy and lasts about 10 years of regular use.

One O'Clock

Designed by Knudsen Berg Hindenes + Frode Myhr

The One O'Clock is in itself exceptionally simple. Take an eternally old design and make it look new and different. This  clock has a bowl shaped base that gives this wall piece depth, something most analog clocks do not have. Add some funky colors and bubble letter-esque hour hands and you have a winning, fun design simple enough for a minimalist Scandinavian home and fun enough for a dorm room (although I'm sure the price point is not for most college students).