Dining Chair No.1

Designed by Reed Hansuld.

These chairs show amazing craftsmanship and have the price to match. Handmade by Canadian designer Reed Hansuld, this sleek chair is available in a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods. Although this piece isn't modern or Scandinavian, we have to admire the workmanship and effort put into every piece by this wonderful craftsman. Dining chair no.1 is available for commission via Etsy for $2000.

Written by: Whanessa Coates (our new intern)

Kobeiagi Kilims

Architect Ivana Blaž and designer/illustrator Nina Mršnik founded Kobeiagi Kilims in the Balkans after studying around the world. Their beautiful works are all based on the traditional hand woven technique that yields what is called a Kilim. Kilims are traditionally used for anything from a rug to a blanket to a saddle. The kilims made by Kobeiagi Kilims are sourced, woven and sold all within a 20km radius, making it a real locally made product for the inhabitants of Visoko, Bosnia. For the amount of work that goes into these kilims, their prices are reasonable. These would feel so organic and beautiful in any home.

Charlotte Smith Studios

Designed by Charlotte Smith

Hailing from a family of artisans in Mississippi, Charlotte Smith has set up shop in down town Atlanta. She now makes handmade cups that focus on functionality but show off her sculptural technique. Charlotte hopes that her cups work together as a collective piece creating conversation rather than individuals. Her work is very reasonably priced so I would definitely recommend that you visit her site and explore her shop.

btw ceramics

Designed by Brooke Winfrey

Brooke Winfrey of Brooklyn, NY is an independent designer and owner of btw ceramics. Minimal and functional two of the main goals Brooke hopes to achieve with her ceramics. Usable, beautiful and unique ceramics are something that every home has a need for and btw ceramics is doing swell at bringing some new designs to the market. Her pieces range from $20 to $180.


Designed by Awanay

These beautiful rugs take an astonishing 2 months to be hand woven out of pure, handspan sheep wool. The artisans use ancient techniques used by the rural communities in the dry forrest of Argentina. These rugs can be ordered in any size from Awanay and can be expected after the 60 days of work that goes into each individual piece. Take a look at Awanay to see more of their wonderful rugs.