btw ceramics

Designed by Brooke Winfrey

Brooke Winfrey of Brooklyn, NY is an independent designer and owner of btw ceramics. Minimal and functional two of the main goals Brooke hopes to achieve with her ceramics. Usable, beautiful and unique ceramics are something that every home has a need for and btw ceramics is doing swell at bringing some new designs to the market. Her pieces range from $20 to $180.


Designed by Tolerie Forezienne in 2007

Doesn't that look inviting? I have never sat in this chair but I can only imagine that for a stacking chair it must be comfortable. The Icila chair is made of one piece of sheet metal, bent and cut to create a chair mad from metal but without welds. Minimal, sustainable, and beautiful. This design magnifies the raw material of sheet metal and comes in a multitude of colors. Perfect for an outdoor patio either at home or a lovely cafe, the Icila retails at around a whopping €1800 to €2000.

One O'Clock

Designed by Knudsen Berg Hindenes + Frode Myhr

The One O'Clock is in itself exceptionally simple. Take an eternally old design and make it look new and different. This  clock has a bowl shaped base that gives this wall piece depth, something most analog clocks do not have. Add some funky colors and bubble letter-esque hour hands and you have a winning, fun design simple enough for a minimalist Scandinavian home and fun enough for a dorm room (although I'm sure the price point is not for most college students).