Johansen Table

This oak dining table is handcrafted, inspired by classic Danish manufacturing techniques. The elegance exhibited throughout this entire piece can be seen from every angle. With each piece made to order, each customer can know that they are getting a quality and unique item that will be a focal point in a dining room. 

Dimensions: made to custom measurements.

Designed by Mads Johansen, you can find the Johansen table, starting at $9500, here.

Kotlic Lamp

Although the lamp is rarely considered the centerpiece of a room the lighting is what brings the room to life.  We think these unique Serbian pieces are the perfect mix of simplicity and a modern elegance.  Although the lack of a lampshade may deter some, the right lightbulb will put a soft glow throughout the entire living space.  The unique take on something so commonplace will certainly add to any living space.  It comes in several different finishes and can be found here.

Oh Side Table

Designed by Naoko Shintani

Since the bedroom is one of the more private spaces in our home, the nightstand is often an overlooked design. We think this piece might make you change your mind.  Plyroom's unique take on a familiar piece can add a wonderful calming aura to a bedroom’s atmosphere.  This piece is also incredibly practical containing spacious storage compartments and a design that makes it light and easy to move.  You can easily find this piece on Plyroom’s website here for the price of 525 dollars.

Plank Coffee Table

Designed by ION Design

The coffee table is the centerpiece of any living room or game room.  The simplicity and unique design of this particular table caught our eye.  It draws the viewers attention while keeping a simplistic profile that makes a comfortable atmosphere.  The three-plank design is a wonderful mixture of style and stability.  ION design's company wide focus on personalization and customer needs are clear in the design of this piece.  You can find this table here for worthwhile price of $1,099.


Designed by Eddi Törnberg.

Some people believe that modern design overlooks the practical needs of the owner.  The reality is that furniture isn’t just to look at, but to meet the needs of the user.  We think this design beautifully combines the beauty of the Swedish style, the practicality of our modern needs, and the necessity of sustainability.  This stylish desk is not only a convenient workspace, but actually collects power from its surroundings to power your devices.  Unfortunately Eddi's design was a thesis project so we can’t all have one just yet!


Designed by Carlo Contin for Adentro.

The NINNA Stool is made from solid ash and 100% wool and comes in an assortment of colors and finishes. We think this little stool makes a nice small feature in an apartment or spacious home. The tapered tops of the legs give the NINNA line a unique silhouette that makes the legs look like bottles holding up the seat. The yellow wool seat and natural ash finish is our favorite combo.


Designed by Jesús Gasca in 2011

Satellite is a collection of acoustic absorbent panels designed by Jesús Gasca for STUA. The simple elliptical shape is organic and unsymmetrical which allows designers to be very creative with the arrangement of the Satellite panels. The panels are made of a wood frame and sound absorbing foam that deadens the sound of a room which can help with light sleepers or reduce conversation level in a household. Acoustic paneling can create a very calming sensation for some while it can create an unnerving feeling in others. The panels are all the same shape but some in four  different sizes and four different colors. We are not sure how much the STUA Satellite acoustic panels cost as you can only get a price upon inquiry, but we are sure they are not cheap compared to regular acoustic panels which can be quite expensive already. 


Designed by Francesco Faccin

The Traverso Table is actually made of two table tops made of either glass or wood. The joinery of this table is awesome. Very innovative construction and looks like the table would fall part like a bunch of sticks if you pulled one pin. Faccin's design ideology is that the principal structural and mechanical elements are necessities.


Simple, simple, simple. Yonoh Estudio Creativo was smart in the selection of their first auto production product. One is a minimalist coat rack. Hang your coat and put down what is in your pocket. What more do you need? One is made of solid oak.


Designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958

Poul Henningsen is a houshold name in the Scandinavian and danish region of the world. It is commonly said that a PH5 pendant hangs in every danish home. This iconic design is so special to me. It is such an early design (1958) and has been an amazing looking light since. It does not age, it does not go out of style. Paul Henningsen is long gone but his designs still have a huge impact on this world we live in. It is hard to scroll through a pinterest feed or design blog without spotting one of these lights. There are three shades and a cone mounted on three braces that all together diffuse the light to where it is needed. This light is meant to hang low over your dining table and provides even light throughout a room but focused more intense light on while you eat. The PH5 retails at about $850.