Oh Side Table

Designed by Naoko Shintani

Since the bedroom is one of the more private spaces in our home, the nightstand is often an overlooked design. We think this piece might make you change your mind.  Plyroom's unique take on a familiar piece can add a wonderful calming aura to a bedroom’s atmosphere.  This piece is also incredibly practical containing spacious storage compartments and a design that makes it light and easy to move.  You can easily find this piece on Plyroom’s website here for the price of 525 dollars.


Designed by Habitables

Time for something relatively cheap and good looking! This nightstand by Habitable can be found on their Etsy Shop for around $435. My favorite detail on these little nightstands is the handle that is joined into the drawer front. That handle is a simple addition that really makes this piece stand out in a crowd of nightstands on a site like Etsy. Check out more of their furniture!