Johansen Table

This oak dining table is handcrafted, inspired by classic Danish manufacturing techniques. The elegance exhibited throughout this entire piece can be seen from every angle. With each piece made to order, each customer can know that they are getting a quality and unique item that will be a focal point in a dining room. 

Dimensions: made to custom measurements.

Designed by Mads Johansen, you can find the Johansen table, starting at $9500, here.


Designed by Habitables

Time for something relatively cheap and good looking! This nightstand by Habitable can be found on their Etsy Shop for around $435. My favorite detail on these little nightstands is the handle that is joined into the drawer front. That handle is a simple addition that really makes this piece stand out in a crowd of nightstands on a site like Etsy. Check out more of their furniture!

Stool No. 2

Stool No. 2 by Reed Hansuld 

This stool looks like a tray for your derrière, but the soap finish and end grain details make this white oak piece pop in a unique way. Check out the rest of Reed Hansuld's work!

Osaka Cafe

Beautifully designed cafe in Osaka by Ninkipen!

The quarter sawn oak tables and massive circular mirror give this little cafe a light comforting feel that contrasts its minimalist concrete construction.