We are a company made up of people who are passionate about furniture.




Matt is the main force behind Enkle Designs. He is the one who will be designing and running your project from beginning to end. Matt loves working with interior designers and homeowners alike to create something unique. He really enjoys the process of extracting an idea through conversation and turning that into a final product that fits the needs of our clients. Born in South Africa, Matt is excited about incorporating multicultural design into a modern aesthetic. Although Matt isn’t in the shop as much these days, he is still a capable maker and enjoys leading a team through a project to deliver quality pieces of furniture.

Christopher Booty


Chris, Matt's father,  has been in the antique furniture restoration business for 40 years, and brings with him a vast amount of knowledge and experience gained by providing outstanding service to a worldwide client base. Originally completing his apprenticeship under a Christie's affiliated master craftsman in London, he has built up a solid repertoire of experience with all periods of fine European and American furniture. Although Chris has his own business (touchwoodrestorations.com), he works for Enkle Designs on various projects by sharing his expertise and craftsmanship.

Jeffrey Smith


Jeffrey is a new addition to the Enkle Team but he is quickly catching on to what we are about. Jeffrey is being trained by Matt and Chris to provide top quality furniture out of the workshop.

Haeli Johnson

Office / Admin

Haeli is new to the Enkle family but has already been making a large impact. As a client you may interact with Haeli in a few different ways from answering introductory questions about processes and procedures, to helping facilitate the final delivery of your furniture.


As a furniture design company we often work with students who are interested in getting some experience in the industry. Listed below are the interns we have had as part of the team over the years and links to their portfolios. Please take a look as these are incredibly talented designers and makers.

Elijah Bader

Shruti Kumar

Maddie Hauer